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The Team

A brief snapshot of the various team members. Please click on the individual members for further details.

Our Team

We are an enthusiastic and passionate group of researchers that want to apply fundamental, blue-skies research, to address challenges in society including healthcare and food security.

We are always looking for likeminded researchers to join our team. There are numerous opportunities we can explore, be it at the PhD or postdoctoral level. Please reach out to Vas Stavros.

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Vas Stavros

Principle Investigator

I studied Chemical Sciences at Kings College London (1995). I remained at Kings to complete my PhD (1999) and postdoc (2002) with Prof. Helen Fielding. I then undertook a postdoc with Prof. Steve Leone at UC Berkeley. At Berkeley, I developed my fascination of femtosecond laser spectroscopy. I returned to the UK as a Royal Society University Research Fellow (2005) to begin my independent research career and was promoted to Professor in 2017. In Jan 2023, I moved to the University of Birmingham holding a joint position as Professor of Physical Chemistry and Royal Society Industry Fellow.

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Jack Woolley

WCUS laser facility manager

Jack is the Warwick Center for Ultrafast Spectroscopy (WCUS) facility manager. Jack completed his MSci at Heriot Watt University and then joined Vas for a PhD (at Warwick). After a short PDRA with Vas, Jack was appointed as WCUS facility manager. At Warwick, Jack manages WCUS, developing a 50+ user base, including now Team Stavros!! Jack is an honorary (and super valued!) member/advisor to Team-Stavros.


Irene Casademont Reig


Irene is a Maria Skłodowska Curie EUTOPIA-SIF COFUND Postdoctoral Fellow. Her research focuses on the computational study of excited-states properties, primarily aromaticity in various systems involving porphyrinoid macrocycles. Using advanced quantum calculations along with ultrafast time-resolved experiments, she aims to design new promising building blocks as singlet-fission materials. Irene is based at Vrije Universiteit Brussels in the group of Dr Mercedes Alonso Giner


Paula Martin De Prado

Fourth year PhD

Paula is working on understanding the production of mycosporine-like amino acids in cyanobacterial species Chlorogloeopsis fritschii. Paula is co-supervised by Vas and Professor Chris Corre (Warwick)

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Sopida Wongwas

Fourth year PhD student

Sopida is working on genetic engineering of Streptomyces bacteria to produce Mycosporine-like amino acid molecules. 


Junn Keat

Fourth year PhD

Junn studies the ultrafast vibrational dynamics of diamond defects to establish their energy relaxation mechanisms, quantify defect concentration, and uncover candidate defects for novel diamond applications.


Jack Dalton

Third year PhD student

Jack is working on the development and understanding of nature inspired UV filters for the photoprotection of agrochemicals. Jack is co-supervised by Ben Robinson (Syngenta)


Mike Hymas

Second year PhD

Mike is working on the development and understanding of nature inspired UV filters for UV boosting of UV filters. Mike is co-supervised by Dr Stephane Poigny (Mibelle)

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Jacob Eller

Second year PhD student

Jake is working on theory and compuation of UV filters and other light absorbing molecules. Jake is co-supervised by Professor Nick Hine (Warwick)


Natasha Wrathall

First year PhD student

Tasha is working on lignin-based UV filters and trying to elucidate photoprotection mechanisms in the second largest biopolymer on earth. A rather monumental challenge! In her spare time, Tasha is also investigating photprotection mechanisms of natamycin, which is used to extend the shelf life of some foods, including cheese.

Ana González-picture.jpg

Ana González Moreno

Visitor academic

Ana is currently a research fellow, at the University of Malaga, Spain. During her PhD, Ana visited our lab and worked on the photoprotection mechanisms of phenolics found in the tomato fruit cuticle (paper 134) I am delighted our collaboration continues post PhD!

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